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Using genetically modified human kidney cell lines we provide interaction studies of drugs with specific transporter proteins. Because of FDA and EMA guidelines, the characterization of clinically relevant drug transporters is gaining an increasing importance during drug approval process.

To characterize drug transporter interactions we provide the following studies:

ServiceUptake transporter assay for all SLC-Transporters
To investigate whether a drug candidate is a substrate or an inhibitor of an uptake (SLC-) transporter, HEK-293 cells stably expressing one specific transporter are used as cell monolayers.

Vesicle-based transporter assay for BCRP and BSEP

Membrane vesicles (inside-out orientated) prepared from transporter-HEK and control-HEK cells are used to measure the ATP-dependent direct uptake of a radiolabeled substance in the absence and presence of a probe inhibitor by rapid filtration method. Vesicles are best suited for low permeability substrates because of poor retention of moderate-to high permeability compounds.

Efflux transporter assay for MDR1 and MRP2-HEK cells
Efflux assays are used to examine membrane transport by MDR1 (ABCB1, Pg-p) and MRP2 (ABCC2). Transporter- and control-HEK293 cells (monolayer) are preloaded with a fluorescence dye: Rhodamine123 is used for MDR1 and 5(6)-carboxy-2,'7'-dichlorofluorescein (CDCF) for MRP2. The efflux of the fluorescent dye is measured in the absence and presence of increasing concentrations of an inhibitor or a test compound.





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